Thursday, November 19, 2009


I did not go to cucalorus because i am still a pre-film study student. I also worked and had other school projects that i had to work on too. I wanted to see The Messager probably the most, through some trailers i saw on line it looked interesting. I heard that there was a movie that was a parody of a porno movie and it was a funny movie. I also heard that Todd Berliner was acting in one of the films, i heard he was a shop keeper or something, and his part was only a couple seconds long. I would have like to been able to do the Kodak workshop, it sounded very interesting. Since I never been to a film festival, I am hoping that next year I will be a film major to get a pass and to have time to actually go see the films being shown. maybe one year i will have something in the festival myself. I heard from other students in my other classes had a great time at cucalorous. They were at the q&a section with the directors or who ever was there for the film. I can not wait till i can get a chance to go to cucalorus.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rough Theater

I didn't really had a rough theater. I lived more in the country and the only theater we had were Regal Theaters. The only one I remember was a theater that play movies right before they came out on VHS and the only part I remember is that it only had 4 screens in it and the movie i saw was The Land Before Time with my mom. The Theater has closed and is now a Mexican bar/club. Which before i moved down to go to school here, I worked in a store in the same outlet. Other than that theater, The one we made in class was the first rough theater i been in. It was pretty fun and reminded me of the forts my siblings and i would make on the second story on opposite sides of the stairs and play war with each other, normal my brother and I vs. my sisters.


When i first saw the baby jars, i didn't know what to do the first day of the race, so i put it aside and thought about it for the first 24 hours. It hit me at work later that day. I remember a video that was based on the comic book that they showed it frame by frame and they added voice and sound effects to it. I remember thinking that I hardly notice that the video was nothing but 30 to 40 frames or a part of the comic page. Then i came up with two characters that one was dumb and annoying and the other doesn't care about the other one. The dumb one (eddie) thought he can be a hero and dreams about himself being one then try to fly and kills himself. While the other(jimbo), just don't care what he did. I took the pictures and record the voices on my phone then transfer them to my USB card. I edit the sound part first, so i could get it in a minute, which i ending up cutting half of what i took out of the final film. I really enjoy this project, which is something i haven't done in a long time.

yes, men

They have balls to go to conferences posing as WTO representatives and telling unbelievable things that seem normal to the people that are at the conference. The executive luxury office suit was the second place prank or whatever you wanna call it. It funny how that the TV monitor's stand looks like a man's sexual organ and no one seem to flinch about it. The best one is were they went to the college and give hamburgers to the students and while there eating they tell them that they are recycling human waste to make burgers to feed use at their restaurants. Just to see the expressions on the students face when they were eating the burgers. One student told them that what they were doing was wrong and can't believe what they were doing. The Yes Men were positive that their point got across to the kids.

For my last project my theme is to something about peace through violence and demonstrate how wars and other conflicts ending through violence. I planned to manipulated broadcast reports and movies and or TV shows.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I hate blogging. If you paint a painting from a photograph, the painter should not have to worry about copyright laws. I agree with Joy to just cite the source of the photograph and\or the person that took the photo like a person writing a paper and citing the source he or she got it from. The person should not have to contact the other. Beside Joy only used only section of the photo, not the whole thing. Susan s photo had meaning about the revolution, and Joys was about rioting......whats the difference? Rioting normally happens in a revolution.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The long take

I had fun last saturday shooting with the bolex camera. It would have been better if the temperature was a little cooler. My group didn't shoot first, but we helped out another group with their shoot. I was the grip, i guess thats right, pushing their camera operator around for their tracking shot. I had to keep the camera centered on the actors, by matching my speed of pushing to their walking speed. It took me a couple of times to get the speed of each actor, but some were not consisted, but i managed.

My group's orginal idea was that a person went behind something and another person came out. We change that to a so called love story about a pumpkin head guy and a scream head girl. I was the pumpkin head guy. We ran through the blocking a few times to were we felt comfortable with what we had. There was no problems with shooting it except that we had less then 56 seconds then what we supposed to have. The film did come out good, i loaded the film backwards, but thats ok, we can fixed it in final cut pro. It was a good experince using the bolex camera and it helps get me into blocking and timing the shot before shooting it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

48 hours

My idea for the film is to use pictures like in the film Fridays on the Farm. i will make it like the panels on a comic book and do voice overs for it. Since i work on tuesdays and wednesday after my classes it limits me on what i can do with an even more limited time. Can't wait to found out what the mystery prop is. I know it is a physical object, given the clue andre gave us. I will think up of an idea and just fill in the blank with the mystery object like Mad Libs or what ever they are called.